The Government initiated a discussion document on drugged
driving. The deadline for submissions was Friday 28 June
2019. You can find the discussion document detail here.

The #makeitlegal viewpoint on Drug Driving is that cannabis law reform
will have an impact on workplace drug testing and on the enforcement
of traffic regulations. Concerns around this have been voiced by
employers, unions and the NZ Police. It should be noted, however,
that substance testing for impairment is an ineffective health and
safety procedure. It rarely tests the number one drug of abuse in
the workplace (alcohol) and does not test impairment from cannabis
use but rather the presence of long-lived cannabis metabolites.

Cannabis law reform will require that we address these difficult
issues, as the simple presence of cannabis metabolites will no
longer be grounds for punitive action. The issue of impairment is
not just about cannabis use. Impairment in the workplace can arise
from sleep deprivation, relationship problems, pharmaceutical products
and a range of other conditions that are difficult to individually
test for. For this reason: – We recommend that driving under the
influence of cannabis is prohibited as per existing regulations on
impairment. – We also recommend that the Government investigate
impairment testing (as opposed to substance testing) as a more
accurate measure of actual impairment in the workplace.