Campaigning for cannabis law reform in New Zealand

The Cannabis Referendum Coalition is a network of individuals and organisations campaigning for cannabis law reform. Our campaign will educate and inform the New Zealand public about the Cannabis Referendum - and achieve cannabis law reform.

Our purpose is to get a high percentage of voters to: a) turn out and vote; and b) vote YES to progressive law reform, whatever the question

The coalition intends to operate as a networked campaign. This means CRC partners may run their own campaigns, and hold their own key messages while still working co-operatively with other law reform groups who might have slightly different messages (for example – support for grow your own or opposition to grow your own).



Within a networked campaign, partners have opportunities to support each other’s campaign activities – mobilising cross supporter action with greater reach and engagement than an individual group could achieve alone.

The Coalition will also run the #makeitlegal campaign - enabling partner organisations that are not traditionally cannabis law reform groups to still show their support for law reform without having to run a campaign themselves.

The coalition and its partners will work to educate the public on key points around cannabis law reform – such as the issue of whether people should be able to grow their own and what a regulated market might mean. This includes media articles, social media campaigns and helping inform the media so they can present accurate information.

Our core organizers will train and activate remote leaders who, in turn, will guide teams of supporters - building their capacity. Our local teams will fundraise, educate, organise gigs and events, and carry out on-the-ground campaigning during the run up to the referendum – being a visible presence in communities to provide information to voters to help inform their voting decision.



Our Mandate

At our Cannabis Referendum Conference on the 9th November 2018, the conference accepted four resolutions. We take these as our mandate for our campaign.

  • Commends the Coalition Government for its intention to hold a referendum on the legal status of cannabis at or before the next election.
  • Expects that all political parties and all Members of Parliament commit to enacting the outcomes of the referendum in good faith.
  • Proposes that the referendum be worded to test public support for two separate questions: that adults be allowed to grow and possess cannabis for personal use, and be allowed to purchase cannabis and cannabis products from licensed premises.
  • Calls for a properly resourced public discussion to provide impartial and accurate information to help the public make an informed decision.


Cannabis Referendum Coalition Steering Committee

Sandra Murray (CRC co-ordinator)
Nandor Tanczos (ex Green Party)
Chris Fowlie (NORML)
Mike Finlayson (Regional Councillor)
Rebecca Reider (Patient Representative)
Dr Geoff Noller (Medical Anthropologist)
Phil Saxby (MMP/Political Campaigner)
Michael Tucker (Loop/Think INC)

We also have representatives from our partner and supporting organisations including:

Supporting organisations are welcome to join the coalition to indicate their support for cannabis law reform - commitment is as much or as little as your organisation wants to put into it.

For more information on becoming a coalition partner please contact sandra@zenzic.nz