Vote YES to the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill

Make It Legal NZ is a registered promoter campaigning for a strong YES vote in the upcoming cannabis referendum at the 2020 general election to be held on the 19th September 2020.

Our Purpose

To get people to:
a) turn out and vote; and
b) vote YES to the question “Do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?”

About Us

Make It Legal NZ is a community group run by volunteers and fully-funded by donations from our supporters. We are a range of New Zealander’s – parents, business owners, young professionals, retired politicians, and more– united by our commitment to positive change in New Zealand legislation.
We operate as a networked campaign of partners and supporters to educate the public on key points of the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill and cannabis law reform.
Make It Legal NZ is not affiliated with any organisation or political party. We have no government, political, business or corporate backers and do not intend to start a cannabis business.
What originally started as Sandra Murray, an environmental campaigner, and a small group of like-minded friends committed to the YES vote in the Referendum, has grown to a large community of supporters united in the idea that prohibition does not work and that a legal, regulated market is the best and safest way forward for New Zealand.

More Information

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Our Spokespeople
Sandra Murray: Campaign manager (Auckland based)
Nandor Tanzos: Trustee (Whakatane based)


Support Us

We can’t do it alone!
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