The #makeitlegal Campaign is a network of individuals and organisations campaigning for a strong YES vote in the upcoming cannabis referendum at the 2020 general election. Our purpose is to get a high percentage of voters to:
a) turn out and vote; and
b) vote YES to progressive law reform, whatever the question
We intend to operate as a networked campaign. This means our partners may run their own campaigns, and hold their own key messages while still working co-operatively with other law reform groups.
Within a networked campaign, partners have opportunities to support each other’s campaign activities – mobilising cross supporter action with greater reach and engagement than an individual group could achieve alone.
The #makeitlegal campaign will enable supporting organisations that are not traditionally cannabis law reform groups to show their support for law reform without having to run a campaign themselves.
We will work to educate the public on key points around cannabis law reform – such as the issue of whether people should be able to grow their own and what a regulated legal market might mean.
Our core organizers will train and activate remote leaders who, in turn, will guide teams of supporters – building their capacity. Our local teams will fundraise, educate, organise gigs and events, and carry out on-the-ground campaigning during the run up to the referendum – being a visible presence in communities to provide information to voters to help inform their voting decision.
Supporters include:
Supporting organisations are welcome to join the coalition to indicate their support for cannabis law reform – commitment is as much or as little as your organisation wants to put into it. For more information on becoming a coalition partner please contact