The scientific department at Make It Legal are a busy bunch.  One of their latest discoveries calculates that it takes the tax from 10 kiwis to keep one cannabis user in prison.

Here’s how that value was calculated.

Median income: $52k.
The median income of New Zealander’s in 2019 is $52000

Effective tax rate on average 17.5%
The effective tax rate for those on $52000 is between 15% and 20%, we have used 17.5% for our calculation.   This means that $9100 is the median tax paid per person per year.

$90k to imprison a kiwi for a year
The department of corrections have stated that it costs $91000 to imprison a New Zealander for year.  As the tax paid by the median New Zealander per year is 9100, it takes the tax from ten New Zealander’s to imprison someone for a year.


We recommend a visit to the Drug Foundation website to find out more about the cost of our cannabis convictions.