We support drug law reform

Make It Legal Aotearoa New Zealand Trust supports drug law reform research, campaigns and education for the benefit of individuals, whanau and communities.

In particular we will:
– undertake and disseminate educational material and research on drug law reform policy and legislation and it’s impact on individuals, whanau and communities; and
– support individuals, whanau, communities and organisations in activities that promote drug law reform, particularly the legalisation of cannabis; and
– support just and rational drug laws that reduce harm and illicit activity; and maximises benefits to individuals, whanau and communities; and
– provide other support and assistance consistent with this purpose.

Make It Legal NZ is a community group run by volunteers and fully-funded by donations from our supporters. We are a range of New Zealander’s – parents, business owners, young professionals, retired politicians, and more– united by our commitment to positive change in New Zealand legislation.
Make It Legal NZ is not affiliated with any organisation or political party. We have no government, political, business or corporate backers and do not intend to start a cannabis business.
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