Dear fellow knitters,

I’m sorry I couldn’t join the club meeting on Tuesday – my arthritis was playing up again.

Which leads me to my real reason for writing. I’ve felt a little shy about it. I want to talk about the cannabis referendum but it’s not the easiest thing to talk about without a few raised eyebrows and dropped stitches.

I read recently that most people our age are voting no in the referendum, even though 70+ are the largest voting group (go us!). It broke my heart. I use cannabis to help with my arthritis. A little on rainy or cold days when it’s worst takes the pain right away and I can keep my knitting on track too.

I have been offered other medication from doctors but at this stage, I just don’t want to be taking more harsh pills than I have to. I know a lot of people think that cannabis is just used by some rascal youths – but the truth is there are quite a few of us in this age group who find it helpful.

I don’t feel safe buying it from a dealer so my son has been helping me – but the idea that he could end up in prison for this has me very worried. Imagine if he got caught and it was because of me!

I remember what our parents used to tell us about cannabis. It’s time we re-read the facts on this – not everything we were told is actually true! Times have changed and I know we aren’t a bunch of sticks in the mud.

The Bill sounds really reasonable and mostly makes accessing cannabis very restricted but safe and smart. I hope you might consider making it a yes for people like me – not a criminal, not a baddy. Just a granny with some achy joints! (no pun intended…ok maybe a little.)

Wishing you all the best,

Your friend and co-knitter