How To Vote

How To Vote

How do I vote

Make It Legal recommend going to a voting booth between the 5th September and the 19th September. Take ID.
Locations will be announced closer to the time.
You will be given a form to vote with. Just tick the boxes for the options you choose.

If you are overseas you can download a voting form and email it.
Check out this page:

Are you enrolled to vote?
To vote in the cannabis referendum to make cannabis legal, you will need to be enrolled to vote.
You can go here to enroll online:

If you turn up to vote on the day and find you are not enrolled, you can enroll at the voting booth (but it will take a little longer to vote. Make sure you take ID).

What am I voting on?

A referendum is a special vote, held at the same time as the general election. 
So you have the opportunity to vote for four different things all at the same time:

1) Vote for the Member of Parliament that you want in your area (a persons name)
2) Vote for the Party you would like to lead the country (e.g. Labour, National, Green, NZF, ACT etc)
3) Vote in the euthanasia referendum – this will be a Yes / No vote on whether you support euthanasia
4) Vote in the cannabis referendum: You will be asked the question:
Do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?      Vote YES!

But I don’t want to vote for a political party!

You can choose to vote ONLY for the cannabis referendum if that is what you want to do.
Just tick YES on the referendum and leave the others blank.
We do suggest you vote for an MP and a Party because not all political party’s will honour the referendum. So we would like a party to win the election who have said they will definitely make it legal when we win the referendum.

So far – Labour, Green and NZF Party’s have said they would definitely honour the referendum.
National have given mixed messages about whether they would support it or not. They said it was ‘likely’ they would.