So long as you have prohibition, you can’t solve the problem.


Former Prime Minister David Lange revealed his support for marijuana legalisation in a 1993 interview with then-NORML News editor Nandor Tanczos.

“Climbing the Marijuana Mountain – NORML talks with David Lange”, was published in the Summer 1993 edition of NORML News magazine. We now present online many of David Lange’s best quotes from that issue, including:

“So long as you have prohibition, you can’t solve the problem.”

“So long as the production of it [cannabis], the growing, the selling, the distribution of it remains unlawful….it becomes, by reason of its illegality, a valuable substance, and there’s a lot at stake. And people therefore do things like kill for it – I mean that’s not an exaggeration, that’s the truth.”

“Any society which tolerates alcoholic consumption at the level at which we do and then prosecutes and punishes against cannabis has an extraordinary amount of self deception about it.” – David Lange New Zealand Prime Minister 1984-1989 and absolute legend.