We can do this together

New Zealand has always been a global leader in positive legal change. This is our chance to be on the right side of history.
With your help Make It Legal can change the law. We can legalise cannabis. We need your help to do it.
Every little action helps us get there. Here are some things you can do to help.

Spread the Word

Read this cheat sheet on how to start conversations.

1. Know the facts

Read up on the reasons to support Cannabis law reform. The report from the Helen Clark Foundation, “The case for Yes” gives a good summary of the issues.

Direct people to the official Referendum page that has all the detail on the Cannabis Legalisation & Control Bill.

All voting and enrollment details can be found on the page

2. Hear them out

There are a variety of reasons some people are concerned. Help them understand that legalisation also means control, regulation, reduced crime, and protecting our young people from access.

3. Be patient

Watch this video to pick up tips.

Follow, Comment, Like, Share

Our campaign has a strong presence in social media. Help our posts reach as many people as possible. Comment, Like, Follow but most importantly SHARE! This is how new people can find out why a YES vote is the right vote.

Show your support

By the September 19, 2020 Election and Referendum, we hope to see the MakeItLegal.NZ logo popping up across the country as much as possible! 

Chalk stencils

Follow these simple steps to learn how to make a chalk stencil and start adding Make It Legal stencils around your suburb.
Don’t worry, chalk stencils wash away with the rain - but be careful to avoid putting them places that might upset public or property owners.

Billboards, banners, flags

By the October 17, 2020 Election and Referendum, we hope to see billboards, banners, and flags everywhere! Your fence, window, car aerial and front lawn are all prime spots to promote Make It Legal.
Get creative - make one at home! Get out the sewing machine, paints, or toolkit and make the best billboard, banner or flag in the street. Don’t forget to make one for your mum or koro as well.

Download a poster

You can download our Whats In The Bill poster; or our VOTE YES poster to put up at work or in a shop window.

Capture the moment

Show us how you’re supporting the YES vote. Take a photo and send it to us so we can show your hard work off to everyone.

Submit content

If you have experience writing blog posts, news articles or creating graphic content then please complete this form to volunteer.

Writers, submit blog posts here for review.

Run a Picket

Help us spread the word of why a YES vote is the best vote.
If you think you and a couple of mates can run a picket, get in touch and we can help you get set up.
A picket involves standing on a busy main road with banners, for half hour at rush hour, encouraging people to toot in support. Its a great way to get visibility!

Host a speaker

Are you part of a club or group who would like a speaker to come and talk about cannabis law reform?
Contact us to arrange a speaker at your club or group.

Got a question? 

Contact us